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A really short experience made for The Very First Extra Credits Game Design Jam.

The theme is "Make every second awesome / Don't waste time" .The first thing came up in my mind is the collectibles and achievements in modern gaming, Which gives the game more replay value and also the willingness to explore every bit of the game.

I really enjoy those games. as they give me the motivation to make everything perfect and also do it as fast as possible.But most of the time it didn't work well. I could go back to pick up the undone processes after beating the game, but I didn't. As there's no motivation for me to do the same experience again.

So I created a game which you don't need extra time for those tedious processes.
Embrace the imperfections,relax and enjoy the perfection of simplicity.


Perfection_linux32.zip 8 MB
Perfection_linux64.zip 8 MB
Perfection_windows32.zip 8 MB
Perfection_windows64.zip 76 MB

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